Program for Foreign Residents and Visitors

LVC offers the following programs for foreign residents in Japan and visitors:

  1. Program for foreigners visiting Japan
    -Program for international students studying at a Japanese university for short to long terms
    -Japanese cultural experience program for short-term travelers (to be offered from 2018)
  2. Program for foreign residents in Japan
    -Disaster preparedness experience program
  3. Learning support group for foreign students (LSC)
    -Learning support program

1. Program for foreigners visiting Japan

We provide programs for international students who study at Japanese universities for short to long periods. We consult with the university personnel in advance to customize the duration and content of the program with an aim to promote cultural exchange between the international students and our volunteers, and to provide events that let international students experience Japanese culture and everyday life.

<Past activities>
2015/7 The Musashino University foreign student summer project 2015
2016/8 Japanese culture experience of the Musashino University summer foreign student 2016

2. Program for foreign residents in Japan

Disaster drill training program for foreign residents in Japan is planned starting 2017. Details will be posted on the website as soon as they are decided.

3. Learning support group for foreign students (LSC)

Some foreign students attending elementary and junior high schools in Koto Ward struggle with studying because they fall short of mastering Japanese as a language of learning and thus end up lagging behind in classes.
The Board of Education provides 36 hours of Japanese instruction support and 18 hours of support in studying for students in need. But it is obvious that this alone is not sufficient.
In order to extend more hands-on support to these students, LVC, after about half a year of preparation, has started to provide learning support from May 2017.We currently provide the program on Wednesday 16:00 – 17:30 and Saturday 11:00 – 12:30 every week at the Support Room in Daisan Sunamachi Middle School in Minamisuna.
The Board of Education in the Ward is highly interested in this activity of LVC. In the future, the tutors in LVC may need to visit farther locations in the Ward to provide support for students in need, in addition to the current schedule of two days a week.
Going forward, more tutors and staff who can help in operating this program will be needed. We would like to call on anyone who is interested in this activity to join and lend a hand, in addition to those who are already involved in this program. We look forward to hearing from you.
This activity has been adopted one of Koto Ward Projects 2018. (see also here)