Interpretation and Translation

  LVC responds to requests for interpretation and translation from Japanese to English, Chinese and Korean languages, from individuals, organizations, companies.

There are also native speakers in LVC.
English: 2 native speakers
Chinese: 6 native speakers
Korean: 1 native speaker


Upon receiving requests from companies, organizations individuals, we translate into English, Chinese or Korean free of charge. (For commercial use a charge is made)
Up to now, we have done translation works for a newspaper, a local magazine, catalogues, menus and so on.
We hand over the translation after we have them proofread by native speakers.

< Examples of Activities>
2015/9 Japanese-to-English translation of “Search for Public Baths”
2016/6 LVC translated “Kotomise” site into English

2. Interpretation

Upon receiving requests for interpreting work from companies, organizations or individuals for their events, we interpret from Japanese to English or any other languages we are dealing with, free of charge. (For commercial use a charge is made)

<Examples of Activities>
2016/2 Interpreter cooperation “A Walk with Kimono”
2016/3 Interpretation cooperation “GOEN enen ENGIMONO”
2016/4 Interpretation Service at “Wand Made”

Interpretation “Fukagawa-Shiryokan Dori Shopping street cooperative society          interpreting project”
Interpretation  “Yasuneko-Kobo” Asakusa Event
Interpretation  A US-based company