LVC offers the following 4 activities

Interpretation and Translation
LVC responds to requests for interpretation and translation from Japanese to English, Chinese and Korean languages, from individuals, organizations and companies.
There are also native speakers in LVC.
English: 2 native speakers
Chinese: 6 native speakers
Korean: 1 native speaker

Program for Foreign Residents and Visitors

LVC offers the following programs for foreign residents in Japan and visitors:

  1. Program for foreigners visiting Japan
    -Program for international students studying at a Japanese university for short to long terms
    -Japanese cultural experience program for short-term travelers (to be offered from 2018)
  2. Program for foreign residents in Japan
    -Disaster preparedness experience program
  3. Learning support group for foreign students (LSC)
    -Learning support program
Cotribution to the Community
We are taking part in the following activities to contribute to our community:

  1. Encouraging intercultural understanding and coexistence through local government events
  2. Promoting community-based international exchange by holding English conversation classes for local residents
Activity between Members
In LVC people who have the same interest form clubs and hold workshops and undertake other activities.