2019 Koto-ku Bunka Centre Art Appreciation Event Koto Traditional Japanese performing arts experience project “Daikodan Matsuri” Attending as Volunteer English Interpreters

Date & Time:   15th September 2019 (Sun) 12:00-16:00

Venue      :   Koto-ku Bunka Centre in Toyocho

               (Koto- ku Cultural Centre in Toyocho)

Contents    :  Kodan (traditional storytelling)

   Kaidan-Yose (ghost storytelling)

     Yosemoji-Taiken (Writing Yose-style letters experience)

     Chanoyu-Taiken (Tea ceremony experience), Etc.

LVC Participants: Harada (English interpreter for Chanoyu)


In addition to LVC, two people from KEV (Koto English-speaking Volunteer Guide Association) participated as English interpreters. Among the large number of Japanese guests, there were four foreign people we met, who were a man from Italy who works for Koto-ku Ward Office and two women and one man from Germany who all came to Japan on a working holiday.

“Although not a lot of foreign people joined this event, I’m glad that the three people from Germany who I met there all seemed to be enjoy it. They tried Chanoyu and it seemed they enjoyed the experience. Compared with last year, many more people joined the event this year. The Yosemoji experience booth was also well attended, wasn’t it!”


“The guests from foreign countries all said that although the Japanese language in Kodan was a bit difficult to understand, the atmosphere was interesting, and the Yosemoji experience and Chanoyu experience were so enjoyable. I am so pleased that I could help them as an interpreter. I also enjoyed myself chatting with these foreign guests. I appreciate that I was able to have such a wonderful opportunity.” (Hutchinson)

Koto-ku Bunka Centre is planning a different kind of “Art/ Traditional performing arts” event next year. For those people who couldn’t make it this year, please come and enjoy the event in 2020.

   Hutchinson (English interpreter for Yosemoji)

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