Asakusa tour on May 19

We had four guests from Quebec in Canada for our Asakusa tour.
We were very lucky as the day we went to Asakusa was the day of the famous
“Sanja-Matsuri” festival,
and our guests seemed to enjoy it very much, especially the “Mikoshi”(
portable shrines ) carried for the festival,
and the dynamic “Taiko”( Japanese drums) performances at the Asakusa-Jinja

A shop in NIshisando-street in Asakusa

After the festival, we directed them to Tokyo Sky Tree. Before that, we
dropped in for ice creams at a small shop.
As it was a hot day, everybody enjoyed themselves chatting or watching the
world passing by on the traditional streets with their Japanese atmosphere.

Our guests kindly gave us some confection.
Thank you very much. It was delicious!

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