The project to support foreign inhabitants’ children in learning Japanese and other subjects

LVC’s proposal, titled as above, has been adopted by Koto ward, so this post describes the outline of the project.

The population of foreign inhabitants in Koto ward is increasing, it currently accounts for 5 % of the ward’s total population. This is accompanied by an increasing number of foreign students in schools in Koto ward. It is thought that among those students there exist over a hundred who cannot sufficiently adjust to Japanese culture and language. They need some help. So a lot of supporting services are conducted in Koto ward.

LVC also offers support in learning subjects, as well as Japanese language if needed, to help foreign students overcome culture and language barriers, so that they can understand the lessons in school.LVC holds one or two supporting classes a week on a volunteer basis, in principle without charging any fees. And sometimes LVC offers students the opportunity to speak with native speakers teaching in their own language, to let them feel a sense of ease.

LVC is also planning to offer interpretation services at after-school classes held by Koto ward for foreign students, so that they can attend the after-school classes in a more positive way. Furthermore, LVC is planning to offer interpretation services between the families of the students and school staff to assist communication, if needed.

For details, please visit the following website: the project protocol in Japanese.

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