Disaster drill in English and Chinese


Disaster drill in English and Chinese

Join us in the interesting disaster drill! (–> Application from here)
Monday, October 9th 2017 (Public Holiday)
Honjo Bosaikan (Life Safety Learning Center) in Kinshicho

In the Tokyo metropolitan area earthquakes occur frequently and global warming can cause rainstorms and floods. It is necessary for residents in Japan to participate in disaster drills against such events.

Language Volunteer Co-talk (LVC) encourages you to participate in the disaster drill to be held at Honjo Bosaikan (Life Safety Learning Center) on October 9th to learn how to act safely in the event of disasters. This disaster drill will be fun and interesting. Although instructions are provided in Japanese during the drill, LVC members will interpret for you. The event is free of charge.

Benefits of the Disaster Drill

1. You can keep calm in any earthquakes and floods.

In the event of a disaster you’ll be able to decide on the best action with calm judgement based on your experience of the disaster drill.

2. You can lead your family and people around you in an emergency.

In an emergency you’ll be able to act properly and lead your family and others around you to a safe place based on knowledge learned through the drill.

3. You can help others in an emergency.

You will be able to quickly help people in need and the injured in a disaster.

Realistic Experiences

The training includes realistic disaster experiences using simulators.

1. Earthquake simulation
You can experience an earthquake with an intensity of up to seven on the Japanese seismic intensity scale.

Experience an earthquake simulator(Photographs: Courtesy of Tokyo Fire Department)


2. Urban flooding experience
Evacuation in torrential rain can be difficult. You can experience the weight of water on the doors of a flooded basement and a submerged car.

Experience water pressure on the door(Photographs: Courtesy of Tokyo Fire Department)
Experience water pressure on a car door(Photographs: Courtesy of Tokyo Fire Department)

3. Storm simulation
You can experience a powerful storm of typhoon force.

Experience a destructive rainstorm(Photographs: Courtesy of Tokyo Fire Department)

Details and Application

We are waiting for your application for this interesting and beneficial event.

Date: Monday, October 9th, 2017 (Public Holiday)
With English translation 10:30 to 12:20 (meeting time: 10:10)
With Chinese translation 13:10 to 15:00 (meeting time: 12:50)
Place: Honjo Bosaikan (Life Safety Learning Center) (4-6-6 Yokokawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)

Free of charge

*15 participants on a first-come basis for each drill.
*Participants must be aged 12 years and over.
*Students in higher grades at elementary school can participate when accompanied by an adult.


Application form

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Contact for inquiries: 090-2747-5263 Sho (Shoichiro Nishihara), Mr.

Notes for participants

*Meet at Honjo Bosaikan. LVC staff members will be waiting for you in front of Honjo Bosaikan with the “LVC Guided Tour” flag.
*During the drill please follow the instructors’ directions that we will interpret.
*Please wear clothes that are easy to move in.
*Please bring a towel, as your face may get wet in the storm simulation.
*If you bring small children, you can only observe the drill.
*If you feel ill, please do not hesitate to let us know.
*Smoking and drinking are not allowed in the facility.

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