The 23rd “Gathering of the Koto-ward International Exchange”

LVC joined the “Koto Ward International Exchange” held by IFC (Koto International Friendship Circle). This was the 23rd time this event had been held and it took place in the Koto City Culture Center this year.

Every year international groups provide entertainment, such as cosmopolitan foods, music and dance. 15 LVC members had made “fun quizzes” both in English and Chinese and attracted passers-by by calling out to them.

Fortunately, LVC could run the booth closest to the entrance so the big sign made by the president attracted people, many of who were from different nationalities and generations. Because of this event we are pleased that 6 people  joined LVC. Among them were joiners from Canada, Germany, China and Taiwan, and because of this LVC membership is becoming more and more worldwide.

Mr. Yamazaki, the vice chairperson, surrounded by beautiful ladies! (photograph)

Moreover, a Japanese person who can speak both English and Spanish fluently joined us, which made our current only Spanish speaker happy.

And our luck still continues. As the youngest new member to join us was only 14 years oldwe were very excited that the average age of LVC’s membership fell!

At a festival such as this, both people who joined LVC and others who did not join, dropped into our booth and told interesting stories about their experiences overseas. We spent an enjoyable  time as we had an opportunity to hear stories about countries we hadn’t been to, where we would like to go, where we might never have the chances to go in  the future.

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