LVC began the place of the foreign language conversation, “Fukagawa Conversation”

LVC started “Fukagawa Conversation” from March 27th, 2016 in Miyoshi, Koto Ward. As part of our volunteer activities, LVC are offering an opportunity to practice foreign languages conversation for residents of Fukagawa Edo Museum Street Shopping District.

We are planning to use the office of the Shopping District Cooperative Association to conduct lessons three or four times a month.

On March 30th, the second time, 12 participants gathered. Among them were 6 members from LVC and 5 from the Association. With the active announcement by the chairman of the Association, Mr. Wakebe, in addition, he also asked us to put the poster on the entrance and one person came in after seeing it. Thanks to his idea, we could welcome one more person!

We enjoyed the lesson from beginning to end supported by the Association’s kind hospitality. The landlady of this office and local people helped, not only by setting up tables but also by bringing some refreshments.

LVC began to make teaching materials from this time and used them for beginners, and conducted free conversation for intermediate speakers. In addition, this time, as some LVC members can speak Chinese, some local participants tried to speak with them in Chinese.

At the end of this workshop, the kimono shop, Gallery Himawari, sent an SOS. The owner asked us to interpret for two Australian customers who were serious about buying kimono. LVC showed its capabilities. That day Ms. Y did remarkable work teaching and interpreting!

April 2016 Fukagawa Conversation will take place on the first and third Wednesday and fourth Sunday (4/6, 4/20, 4/24) from 14:00〜16:00.

You are welcome to join us.


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