Interpreter cooperation “GOEN enen ENGIMONO”

– This is a report from Ms. Y.Y who can speak both English and Chinese. Although she has just joined LVC, she has been working actively.-

As each work on display used natural materials and had a sense of taste, the foreign visitors were fascinated. Although not many of the goods were sold, there was a work shop in which visitors could try making their own original post cards. They glued recycled pieces of cloth in the shapes of fish scales onto the Japanese paper. As the post cards could be posted in the post box, specially placed at the event site, this encouraged people to participate.
People gathered with their family or friends sitting around the table making their original post cards. They seemed to enjoy the time spent.  To tell the truth I may be the person who enjoyed the event the most.
As for the completed post cards, some people brought it back as a souvenir for themselves, some people sent them to themselves and some people sent them to their grandparents in their home countries.
I would be glad if when they see these post cards again they think back to the nice time they spent in Japan.

(写真下) I wish this post card brings “luck”.

(写真下) Which do you think has the better style?

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