2015 Koto-ward Festival participation report

LVC participated in the Koto Ward Festival held in the Kiba Park on October 17th and 18th. This was the second time we had participated.  We were very lucky. First, the weather was perfect, and second, 441 residents visited our booth over the two days! The number was more than three times as many as last year. In particular, we were surprised at the strong interest shown by family groups and children in languages this year. Over 20 LVC members came to support the event, as well as 7 Jambo International members.

with pink uniform Oct. 18 Sunday (link) 写真がはいる

This is David from Jambo International, wearing a pink uniform in front of people. (Sunday, October 18th). We had a wonderful time with people.

Some people were laughing at and answering the humorous quizzes, with beating hearts children were working hard to communicate in front of people from overseas, other people were showing their fluency in  foreign languages to the native speakers… In this lively atmosphere, English and Chinese were spoken in the booth.

Do you understand Japanese that sounds like English? (link)


The answers are: (link?)

Hamachi → How much?
(Hamachi is a type of Japanese fish.)
Yunomi?→You know me?

(Yunomi is a type of Japanese traditional cup)
Shiranpuri→ Sit down, please.
(The sound “Shiranpuri” is similar to “Sit down please”.)
(Shiranpuri means to pretend not to know)

Wow! Both Japanese and China have different kanji.

I know〜! America is “米国” and Russia is “露国 in Japanese.
Below is a quiz to answer the names of countries in Chinese
Wow! Both Japanese and China have different kanji.

What do you call the countries written in thefollowing Chinese kanji:


The answers are:


Thanks to the festival, 8 new members joined LVC in November.

LVC got energy from them!


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