Study session on interpreting for a disaster prevention drill

LVC held a study session for interpreting in a virtual disaster drill for foreign people on November 15. About 20 people attended this session and our members interpreted using English, Chinese and Korean in the drill. Everybody agreed the session was a success.
LVC will hold further types of this study session, so that we can interpret in various types of disaster.


By the way, the following is a Quiz for you.
If you are an interpreter in a disaster drill, and a foreign participant asks a Japanese person at the front desk “What will we do in this disaster drill?”
And the person answers “起震車により実際の揺れを体験し身を守ります。また、煙体験により避難の方法を学びます。”.
Then how would you interpret this answer?
You can find an example of the interpreted sentences at our member’s website (click here to become a member).

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