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(In English)
Non-profit Organization Foreign Language Volunteer – Co-talk (LVC)

Foreigner support and international exchange organization in Tokyo; international cooperation organization
Foreign Residents’ Support · International Exchange Organization Detailed Information
Updated September 2017
Organization Name: Non-profit Organisation Foreign Language Volunteer Co-talk (LVC)
English Name: Language Volunteer Co-talk (LVC)
Address: 3-1-16 Shirakawa, Koto Ward, Tokyo 〒135-0021
TEL: 03-3630-2351
FAX: 03-3649-0930
Representative: Mr. Masakazu Yamazaki
Established: 2 August 2013
Purpose of establishment:
LVC is a foreign language volunteer group that engages in volunteer activities mainly in Koto Ward in Tokyo. Through various activities it is conducting international exchange and cross-cultural sharing, as a bridge between local Japanese residents and foreigner visitors and residents in Japan.
◆ Support for international students
◆ Information provision
◆ Consultation
◆ Seminars · Events · Courses · Exchange meetings etc.
◆ Interpreter Arrangement
Main Activities: LVC conducts the following activities using foreign languages. LVC is engaged in translation and interpretation in response to requests from individuals, including foreigners in Japan, companies and organizations. LVC is helping to prepare programs for international students who are on short-term and long-term study at Japanese universities. LVC has an elementary English conversation class for local shopping districts, teaching how to serve foreign customers etc. And LVC is willing to help with other activities involving foreign languages, focused on English and Chinese.

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