LVC conducted an experience-based study session on “Shiatsu”

LVC hold experience-based study sessions organized by our up-skilling committee.

If you attend this learning session you can improve your skill in explaining or interpreting Japanese culture or traditions to foreign people in English or Chinese, as well as in Japanese, through the experiences shared by experts or people well-versed in them.
In November, we learned Shiatsu, or finger pressure, and we could learn detailed points about Shiatsu through hands-on experience which cannot be gained from text books.
People enjoy receiving Shiatsu and it makes them feel good, and we are pleased if we can explain to them in a foreign language how to do it.
Shiatsu illustration
Shiatsu illustration
Shiatsu photo
Shiatsu photo
Following Shiatsu, we are going to have a series of sessions, such as tea ceremony, the new year games fukuwarai (a game like “pin the tail on the donkey”) and Sugoroku (Japanese backgammon), how to wear kimono and “experience wearing kimono”, Japanese incense, riding in a Japanese boat and so forth.
Why don’t you learn about Japanese culture with us and then interpret it to foreign people on a voluntary basis. (And if you wish to join LVC, please click here.)
With the beginning of a new year if you hope to take on a new challenge, take a step forward now!
The fee for an experience-based lesson is 500 yen per head.

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