Interpretation Service at “Wand Made”

Interpretation Service at “Wand Made”
LVC members worked as interpreters for the “Wand Made” event which was organized by “Yasuneko Studio” located in Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo.
The event was held between 15th March and 3rd April in 2016, at a gallery on the 2nd floor of the Amuse Museum in Asakusa

The theme of this exhibition was Japanese hand-made crafts, and in addition to the kimono remake work by Yasuneko Studio, there were flower-shaped accessories made of cloth, pottery, ornamental hairpins, and beads crafted to look like expensive jewellery. There was a wide variety of high-quality products arranged on display.

During this period, six members of LVC took part. As the weather became warmer and it was cherry blossom season, Asakusa seemed to have foreign customers from more countries than usual.

There were customers from China, Taiwan, the United States, France, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, and so on. We had a pleasant time talking with them, including with people from countries, who we have never had chance to meet.

There was a boy who greeted me saying “Hello” in Japanese. And another time, I was asked where one could see many cherry blossoms, and I was also asked some questions to do with shopping. When I am able to respond to questions from people, or when I can receive the words “thank you”, with a smile, are the moments I feel happy for being a volunteer.

There was a special smile from an Indonesian lady who wore a Japanese bridal costume which the Yasuneko Studio owner had hung on the wall as a display, and which they kindly let her wear. Although she only wore a bridal robe, she was very grateful for the chance to try on the wonderful exotic embroidery on the fine silk clothes free of charge. Perhaps this might have been a good memory for her.

And, did you know, Indonesian people put their hands together to pose for photographs. For Japanese, who are mostly Buddhist, this pose is somehow familiar. We hope they could visit Japan again some time.

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