2016 gender equality forum holding

The forum was held in the Koto Ward Gender Equality Promotion Center on Sunday September 11th. LVC asked Mr. Akira Fujino to give a lecture concerning Gender Balance in the United Nations and other international agencies. He talked about the job and discrimination against other races or gender in the United Nations. Mr.Fujino worked at UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) for thirty years, and as the representative of the East Asia and Pacific Area Center, he was actively involved in implementing international rules on drugs and eradicating organized crime.

After an hour’s lecture, the audience of 30 people was involved in a lively questions and answers discussion. Mr. Fujino’s wide-ranging answers livened the place so the closing time soon came around. In reply to a questionnaire many in the audience answered “I enjoyed the lecture” and  “I learned a lot from it”.

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